Prison Life – The Creation of Canada's Correctional System

Step into Canada's prison system. Witness how an organized prison and penitentiary structure was established in the 19th century. Meet the prison staff, whose role has changed over the years. Learn about the daily lives of inmates, now and in the past. Discover what goes on behind prison walls...


A prison guard is addressing us from behind the bars of a cell. At the beginning of the sequence, the title appears: "Prison Life: The Creation of Canada's Prison System".
Sequence Description/Transcription
Sequence 1 Well, here you are, in jail…There are rules to follow.
Sequence 2 You’ll understand soon enough that respect is extremely important.
Sequence 4 Lesson 1: there are three wings, all of which can teach you something to help you survive.
Sequence 3 The first is called, “From the Stocks to the Penitentiary”.
Sequence 5 The next you will meet the prison staff.
Sequence 6 The third, “Prison Life”, is the most important for you. OK, go ahead.